by Problem Child

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released January 1, 2016

Art by Tara Atefi
Recorded by Problem Child



all rights reserved


Problem Child Florida

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Track Name: Bastard
I'm just here to put on an act
A song and dance until my friends are draped in black
Eyes gazing, it's like pornography
You're not my friend, you're not my enemy

Stay away, stay far away
The futures looking bleak, kid
Stay inside, don't spend your time
Rotting on the outside

I'm sick of the wasted time
The best that I can be
A bastard waits for no one
Drenched in poor man's apathy
You look to the surface
A moment just to breathe
The waves will keep you under
Until you drown in agony

I feel sick, I wish it was contagious
Bed ridden, paranoid, and losing patience
Words escape me, this is hopeless
Line a casket for the soulless

I feel sick
Can't afford the medicine
Can't escape my body
Sinking feeling is setting in
I feel sick
Embalming reeks of sin
I think I'm gonna sleep awhile
Hold it in

Stay away
Stay away from me
Leave me nothing
Track Name: Deserter
Run away, catch a plane
Find a home, take his name
Raise him right, or so you think
Hands together, tongue in cheek

By the book, by the light
In his name, say goodnight
Bite your tongue, she's lost control
To find a man, to find a soul

Run away

Bite your tongue
She's lost control
To find the man
To find her soul

Run away
Track Name: Dorothy
It all seems so familiar
But this house is not a home
Nights spent kissing concrete
Until you feel it in your bones
Restless hours with terrors of the night
Paralyzed at the sight

Gimme shelter, give me sleep
My head is aching, my knees are weak
Just give me shelter, I need some sleep
I'm feeling weary, I'm feeling cheap

The sour smell, the clang of empty glass
Living in fear until a silence, at last
The constant aching, your nerves are shot
The sky is empty, all hope is lost
Red eyes and long red nights
Red shoes within your reach
And the shakes still make me want to leave
Because this future is fucking bleak

Gimme shelter, give me sleep
My head is aching, my knees are weak
Just give me shelter, I need some sleep
I'm feeling weary, I'm feeling cheap

There truly is no place for me
Track Name: Nightcrawler
Your caveman brow and muscle tone
Tight white shirt
Bleached with cheap cologne
Inebriated struggled groans
God forbid you go home alone

Pissed on every hydrant, barking like a dog
Alpha scent reigns true amongst a drunken fog
Nights are hazy, eyes are lazy, this is habit
I don't get it, I just don't get it
How's it working out for you?

Prowl the streets
Drag your knuckles on the bar
What's that line again?
Have I seen you here before?

Castrate the Y generation
Death to the rapist population

I'm ashamed to be a man
Disassociate the best I can

What will the boys think?
Track Name: Fear On Patrol
Klan without a hood
Power on their mind
Protect the dirty streets
Kill the kids it's fine
Overrun the city
Army with a cross
Kill the fucking innocent
Evidence is lost

Fear on patrol
Uniformed swine
Justice isn't colorblind

Gavel meets the scales
Keep the kids in line
Fill the streets with blood
Target on black lives