Modern Dumbass

by Problem Child

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released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Problem Child Florida

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Track Name: Early Retirement
TV fucker
Eyes are red
Close the blinds
Go brain dead
Living is for suckers
Humans stink of loneliness
The American Dream is capital punishment

I need a peer group like a hole in my head
Anything for the sake of comfort and progress

Consume, live, and die
Track Name: Failure To Exist
Running late for work
Can't find my keys
Under a microscope
Crawling on my knees
Rewarded with a coupon
For a discount at the grocery store
I caught a glimpse of the sunset
It only burned my eyes
Sweat on my collar
Smile on my face
No wife, no kids, running in place
That empty room is laughing at me
Takeout menus carefully placed

A constant reminder of failure to exist

When you can't fill the void
A purchase can be made
A channel could be surfed
A child could be saved
Dying for the smell of finance
Yearning for the taste of alcohol
A social gathering
A comfortable recliner
On the coffee table
Amongst coasters and magazines
Collecting dust

A constant reminder of failure to exist
Track Name: Happiness
Sunday paper super market specials
Local organic coffee establishment
Nuclear household
Television programming
Cat people / dog people
Sometimes it does hurt to try
Water cooler rituals
Golf cart crossing
Sometimes it does hurt to try

3 months salary
Carefree lifestyles
Happy hour sports broadcast
Vitamin C and parsley
Divorce papers
Get well soon cards
Sunday mass
Teen suicide rates
Tabloid celebrity drug addiction
Death and disease
Track Name: Glue Trap
The suburbs are breeding
Filling with scum
Content with surroundings
Classist wasteland
Find your way in
Exploit a trend
Beating a dead horse
Shit eating grin

Missed the boat, it's a new generation
Teenage animosity, misguided aggravation
Come on baby, check out my brand new aesthetic
Nostalgia meets ignorance
Fueled by web presence

The art of going nowhere fast
Track Name: Dominator
Always watching
Obsessed with power
Ruthless bastards
Obey your master

Put on your badge, punch the clock, and start the beatings
Lesser privileged citizens are either starving, dead, or pleading
Bait the public, "to serve and protect"
Bend over and obey or get a bullet in the head

Always watching
Obsessed with power
Ruthless bastards
Obey your master

I feel like someone is after me
Track Name: Bootlicker
Anxiety leaves me trembling
I gotta find a way out
The future is a bore
I'm whiny and I'm sore
Treat me like an animal
The problems of my youth
Stick to me like glue
Drown me in a tub of bleach
My hands are painted red
I should be fucking dead
Mutilation isn't cheap

No guidance
No saving grace
Lack of motivation
Diagnosed a failure
Loser with no stakes
No future, no hope
Looking for that ledge
Track Name: Nightcrawler
Caveman brow and muscle tone
Tight white shirt bleached with cheap cologne
Inebriated struggled groans
God forbid you go home alone
Pissed on every hydrant, barking like a dog
Alpha scent reigns true amongst a drunken fog
Nights are hazy, this is habit
I don't get it, I don't get it
How's it working out for you?

Prowl the streets
Drag your knuckles on the bar
What's that line again?
Have I seen you here before?

Castrate the Y generation
Death to the rapist population

I'm ashamed to be a man
Dissociate the best I can

What will the boys think?